Wednesday, April 9, 2008

County Road 2 Tour Arrives at Last!

OK, OK. I've been promising it for months and just today got around to it. If you liked the County Road 14 Tour that has been at the end of the blog posts for quite a while, you may like the County Road 2 Tour, also. (Another request I've had is for a scrolling list of blog titles, but I'm afraid that is too advanced for my skills.) But if you want more pictures and less copy, by all means skip ahead to the end. And be sure to give me some feedback.


Reader said...

Beautiful! And yes, I loved this one every bit as much as the previous County Road Tour; maybe more. Pea pickin time, and all the flowers and crossroads. My son's favorite stop is the Coon Dog Cemetery; show me the little boy who wouldn't spend all his saved-up money to see that place one day.

Occurs to me, every time I read your blog, how impoverished my own kids really are, growing up with video games and instant access to the ever-shrinnking world that, in my youth, seemed so vast and full of mystery. They'll never know the joys or promise of a lake full of fish you'll never catch; or the raft you'll spend all summer building in secret but never launch; or the place, just as secret, where you buried your loyal friend, Sergeant, killed by a truck on the highway when he got away from you on a gopher hunt; or stubbly-chinned grandfathers whose overall pockets are filled with coins for dime store candy or for a refill of the snuff the guy at the store will know to wrap up good in a paper bag so your mamaw doesn't complain.

Your County Road Tours take us back home to places we've never been, and it's a wonderful trip, so thanks to you and your camera.

And... so glad you found your grade book. Hope your semester is winding up in a happy way for everybody in that book, and especially for you and yours. Glad your real treasures weren't harmed or stolen.

Happy Spring!

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Anita Miller Garner said...

OK,reader, we're still waiting for your own blog! So glad you could take your little boy for a stroll around the Coon Dog Cemetery. I'll take some more shots of that one for him soon.